Dance Information

Rebecca works closely with dance schools between Sydney – Newcastle to provide superior rehabilitation and injury prevention care!

Rebecca is a trained dancer, dance teacher, examiner and chiropractor who has undertaken extensive further education in dance medicine, pointe assessments, functional assessments as well as many other courses both here in Australia and overseas. 

Rebecca is the right person to trust with the care of your young dancer!

What do I do?

Pointe Assessments :

An assessment performed  to ascertain if a student has desired strength, range and control to progress on pointe. We have created an assessment based on all current relevant dance medicine research which takes into consideration core control, balance, proprioception, functional capacity, and mobility and control of ankle, knee, hips and spine. The pre- pointe assessment takes approximately 1 hour where a range of tests are performed. From there, the student will either pass or fail their assessment and feedback will be given.

If the student fails: a range of exercises will be prescribed to address their faulty patterns and follow up appointments will be provided until the student reaches the ability to pass the assessment.
If the student passes: more advanced corrective exercises will be prescribed to ensure they fulfil their potential when performing on pointe. They are then requested to follow up within a few months to make sure no issues have arisen.


injury screens/functional assessments:

A detailed look at basic ballet technique to provide feedback to any faults or weaknesses. We work through positions of the feet, turn out range and control, rise and balance control, allegro control as well as others. 

I will give you a detailed breakdown of where your body may be holding you back and perform treatment by the way of massage, mobilisation/manipulation, taping and rehab exercises to get you dancing to your fullest potential with much more control then ever before.


Studio Talks/workshops:

Rebecca will come into your studio and present basically anything you want me to!

I provide talks to instructors, teachers or students on anything from common misconceptions in the dance world, pointe assessment process, injury prevention or rehabilitation. 



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